Networking in Shrewsbury


Whether you've been trading in Shrewsbury and Shropshire for years, or you've just taken the big leap with a new venture, we all need the same thing in business… CUSTOMERS!!

Whatever it is that you do or offer, you're no doubt great at it. But getting the word out to future clients can be incredibly hard work. Getting them to hear it or see it is even harder!

What should you do to promote your business? Do you advertise in press/magazines? Put up posters wherever you can? Spend your life on social media? Leaflet drop to target audiences?

Well the answer may well be that a little bit of everything helps, but there's absolutely no getting away from the fact that a recommendation is probably the strongest of all routes to new customers.

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Networking in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is a town in growth with a huge number of exceptional businesses. It's also a relatively close-knit community where social circles and business overlap many times.

This represents a great opportunity for networking and one which we've been working hard for the last decade. With nearly 40 members, and with each member likely to have at least 150 contacts and associates, SBN probably has first line routes into some 6000 people in the area.

Referred once past this first line, that's an audience of over 60,000 potential customers! Remember too that networking is all about making contact through referral and recommendation. Word travels fast in places like Shrewsbury and we have the ability to help you spread that word! Don't let your space go to a competitor. We have business waiting for you…

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