Shropshire Autism Service Ltd

Shropshire Autism Service Ltd


About Shropshire Autism Service Ltd

Shropshire Autism Service is a private assessment and intervention service for children with, or who are suspected of having, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It was set up in 2019 in response to parents’ feedback about gaps in care in the local community.

Based in Shrewsbury, our team of healthcare professionals provide:

  1. One-off consultations to parents who are worried about their child’s development
  2. Diagnostic assessments for ASD that are completed by a multi-disciplinary team 
  3. Evidence-based interventions and therapies that help children achieve their potential in terms of their development and mental health

Why us?

  • Parents can self-refer and we aim to see children within one month of receiving a referral
  • Parents get clarity around their child’s needs which can make accessing public services easier
  • Our diagnostic assessment is reliable; we use the best available tools and our clinicians are specialists in this field
  • Our practice is regulated by independent bodies which means there are standards we must follow when providing care and which protects families

Please contact us to discuss your concerns and how Shropshire Autism Service might be able to help.

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Lisa Williams

Lisa Williams

Director & Clinical Psychologist

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