Karen Carpenter Coaching

Karen Carpenter Coaching

"Helping you and your business get from where you are now to where you want to be"

About Karen Carpenter Coaching

Leadership and Business Development Coaching for sole traders and SMEs on the road to success.

Karen Carpenter Coaching offers a range of coaching services including:

Business Coaching - one to one leadership/performance/executive coaching for business owners and team leaders.

Mastermind Groups – by invitation, maximum of 6 entrepreneurs per group meeting regularly to support and accelerate each other’s success.

Awaydays for small businesses – strategic thinking days for sole traders and small business owners to review and develop annual business plans.

Virtual Board – bespoke, facilitated business meetings for sole traders and small business owners to track and evaluate progress against agreed performance indicators.

Team Building – facilitated team events to build trust and engagement between team members and agree priorities for the year ahead.

Coaching workshops – for leaders and managers who want to develop their own coaching skills


Where: most clients prefer to come to my office in Kinton, near Nesscliffe, Shropshire but coaching can take
place at any venue that is convenient for you. Telephone and email coaching are also available.


What is unique about Karen Carpenter Coaching?

I love what I do and believe that coaching should be accessible to all business people, regardless of your stage of business, or the size of your turnover. Packages are priced to be affordable for small business owners, with discounts available for charities and Not For Profit organisations.

I know, from years of personal experience, that being your own boss can be exciting, invigorating and very empowering. But, there are also times when it is lonely, frustrating, and very stressful, pushing you to your limits – and beyond. The truth is – whether you are forcing yourself out of your comfort zone on a daily basis –
or you wake every morning filled with energy and optimism for the day ahead - we all need someone to bounce ideas off, to help us make good sense of our thoughts and experiences, and keep us on track as we pursue our goals. Every now and again, we all need a good listening to!

What is different about me is that I have been listening to people for over 35 years; first as a mental health nurse, then senior manager, trainer, consultant, director and now, as a coach.


But, why trust a nurse with your business?

At the peak of my nursing career, as Director of Adult Mental Health Services for a central London Borough, I was responsible for over 400 clinical, managerial and social work staff, working across multiple sites during a period of complex organisational change. I am accustomed to high pressure, high risk environments where everyday decisions can have life changing consequences.

I also spent several years as a freelance consultant and trainer, working across the country to help organisations identify and manage actual and potential risks, and turn around under-performing teams. I have a number of articles and conference credits to my name and a track record of producing successful tender submissions, from small clinical projects to large scale multi-million pound hospital reprovision programmes.

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