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Fluid Network Solutions Ltd

Sophisticated solutions made simple for all size businesses

About Fluid Network Solutions Ltd

Fluid Network Solutions is a telecommunications company that provides honest, jargon free telecoms solutions for all size businesses, which means that you know that you are dealing with an ethical company that talks in a language that you understand and means that you are going to get the perfect solution for you and your company.
Image is important to any company, large or small and an unanswered, missed or none returned call creates a bad impression and could lose your company business. Everyone at some stage has called a company and either not been able to get through or not had a returned call, so they have chosen to go elsewhere and nobody wants their opportunities going to a competitor. At Fluid we have the solutions to make sure that you and your company avoid these issues, meaning you get all the enquiries you should and not your competitor.

Traditionally, sophisticated solutions like this have only been available for large organisations due to the cost, but now for just a few £’s per month, businesses of all sizes can have auto attendant i.e. press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, which automatically gives you a professional image, Voicemail either personal or company group, once again increasing the professional image of your organisation, call recording, which shows that you are taking your customer calls seriously. All of this means that you have full control of how you want your business to be perceived.

Are you aware of how many missed or unanswered calls you get during the course of a day, a month, a year? Could you estimate, how much this is costing your business? We can provide you with a service where every single call is logged, whether the call has been answered or not, that means even if a call is missed you have the information to call that customer back, increasing your chances of winning that business.

How about your very own bespoke marketing message whilst your customers or prospects are on hold? By doing this you can either enforce the quality of the current service you are providing or simply promote/ upsell new products/services that you also have available

Our services include BT phone lines, superfast broadband, telephone systems, hosed telephony solutions, data circuits, mobile solutions as well as many other services at competitive pricing, but it’s not about the services we have, it’s about what our services can do for you.

All our services are backed up by a 24 hour UK customer service team, so you know if anything goes wrong, you are going to be talking to very experienced industry people who can communicate to you in a jargon free language so you understand exactly what the process is, reassuring you that whenever you need our help, we’re here to give your company business continuity.

To find out more about how Fluid can help improve the image and efficiency of your company’s telephony, contact us at info@fluidns.co.uk or call 0800 304 7766

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