Next Meeting: 7am Thursday 27 Sep 2018 @ Shrewsbury Town FC
Format & Fees

The SBN group meets every Thursday morning at the New Meadow football stadium on Oteley Road, Meole Brace Shrewsbury - the home of Shrewsbury Town FC.

The meetings start at 07:00 and end around 08:30-09:00. The early start and finish allows us all to return to our respective operations for opening times and not miss an opportunity.

The weekly commitment (even when it's dark and cold) provides us all with the reassurance that we're dealing with dedicated, likeminded people.

A structured meeting chaired by a routinely cycled group member is followed up by a good full english breakfast (or a choice of alternatives) all held in a professional suite overlooking the pitch.

It's always a bit daunting during the first couple of visits - especially if you're not used to talking within a large group. Please do remember though that we've all been there and done it ourselves too! 

The fees?

If you get stuck in wholeheartedly as soon as possible then there truly isn't a cost at all - it will in fact rapidly generate income!

In order to cover the costs of x4 breakfasts and the room hire each month, we collect £50 per month per member (no VAT - remember, this is a not-for-profit group too so any surplus funds generated throughout the year will go towards charitable causes!).

Still unsure?

Ok, ask yourself where else you could find over 30 sales people working directly each month to find new business for you for just 50 quid and five or six hours  of your time?

Easy decision. We'll look forward to seeing you on Thursday!



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