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What is this all about?

Ok, first of all there are no funny handshakes or strange initiation ceremonies. You don't have to wear a cloak, a mask or a suit (though we won't mind if you want to!)

Severn Business Network is many things all at once. Primarily though, it is here to generate referral work for your business.

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How does this happen?

A member of SBN takes the opportunity to discuss and promote his or her business over a period of time amongst the group. This is done through weekly exposure during the meetings and regular 'one to ones' outside of the meeting too.

Generally speaking, members get to know a new member over a period of time and at some point one or more will probably use that person's services for themselves or someone close.

From here, assuming the transaction was as good as it was promoted to be, that member is given a glowing testimonial and then promoted by all other members to their extended network of contacts.

It's a trust thing and once achieved, the member continues to show dedication and commitment, then the referrals flow!

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Then there's all of the rest of it too: the friendships, the advice and assistance in all things business related, and of course the social side. A business can sometimes be a lonely venture. For some of the membership, the group offers a real lifeline.

The group is comprised of businesses at all stages of development and age, from new starts to some much older establishments. Business owners, appointees, franchisees and franchisors all attend each week.

SBN is a not-for-profit group and any funds raised are used to support the members' elected nominated charities.

We are currently supporting the vital services of the Midlands Air Ambulance who themselves have a nominated member - Maria Jones.

We look forward to perhaps seeing you involved one day soon?

Provided your business is not already represented by another member, get in touch today.

All the more reason to do it now and lock out your competition!

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