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Obtaining new business in todays climate can be very difficult - especially if you don’t have the luxury of a sales team or a telesales department.

Everyone, of course, would always like more trade. An active involvement in networking increases exposure to more people and more business opportunities.

With this in mind a group of Shropshire business people set up the Severn Business Network group to help and support local businesses to share ideas, introduce new contacts, pass leads and build business relationships - all for the benefit of each other.

We are always looking for new members to join this expanding group and, while at times crossovers within certain businesses occur - which will often lead to other partnership opportunities - we only allow one business from each trade to join the group. If your trade isn't currently represented, there will be business opportunities waiting for you (or your competition!).

Get in touch then drop in one Thursday morning. We’d be delighted to meet you! And who knows.... you may walk out the door with some great new business. It will certainly be a rewarding experience and the start of something exciting.


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